Our aviation experts understand not only unmanned aircraft technology, but all aspects of its adaptation and utilisation.  With their wealth of experience to help you identify the crucial benefits of drone solutions to your business and assist in establishment of regulatory frameworks for unmanned aircraft.

Emergency Services 

The Emergency Services are now starting to embrace drone technology as a way to improve efficiencies, reduce risk to their staff and save on budgets. It is evident from the drone footage we are seeing on television that it is assisting Police, Fire and Ambulance services with their day to day work and providing footage that had previously never been available.  Aerial footage is now available to all the emergency services and can be used in a wide range of areas.

Dynamic deployment at incidents is one of the most crucial use of a drone, providing footage to an incident commander to help make quick and effective decisions. But there are more and more non dynamic incidents where drones can play an important role. For example, training, asset management, estate surveys, planning permissions and internal & external promotional videos.

Our policing & aviation experts understand not only unmanned aircraft technology, but all aspects of its adaptation and utilisation. They have vital and long standing experience in drone regulation, legislation, operating drones in policing environments and creating policies and procedures. They could also help with any of the following:

•  Guidance on setting up a drone capability from scratch including, resource management, choice of equipment and set up.

•  Creation of policies and procedures to regulate your use of drones

•  Dealing with internal oversight and auditing to comply with the Air Navigation Order and Civil Aviation Authority 

•  Guidance and training on new EU changes coming into force on 1st July 2020 and the Air Traffic Management and Unmanned Aircraft Bill (once introduced this year) 

•  Developing an education programme to help prevent drone misuse

•  Guidance on expectations of the Civil Aviation Authority, audits and oversight

•  Creation of Operations manuals and Operational Safety cases, preparing for an audit

•  Training of officers after their initial NQE training to operate drones in the policing environment

National Airspace Authorities

It is widely recognised that the use of drones has risen exponentially in the last 3-5 years with more and more uses for them being explored. Some National Aviation Authorities do not have any legislation or regulations in place to deal with drones and the risks they can bring to other airspace users. Our wealth of knowledge and experience in Law enforcement, regulation and use of drones can help you with the following:

•  Guidance on developing existing Aviation laws to cover use of drones

•  Develop a risk based approach to dealing with misuse of drones

•  Creation of policies and procedures to help regulate use of drones

•  Creation of policies and procedures to deal with oversight and auditing of drone users focusing on Performance Based Regulation

•  Assistance on developing a drone registration scheme to ensure all drone users are registered

•  Assistance on developing a drone education and training package

•  Developing guidance on working with the Police, prosecutions authorities, judicial system and other enforcement agencies to deal with drone offences

Training Services

We provide fully tailored training packages to organisations ranging from Event Organisers and Local Authorities through to Government Agencies and Police. Our team are all qualified instructors and assessors with significant verifiable experience in the subject being delivered.

Some of the training packages we offer include:

•  Airframe specific training for Emergency Services Drone Operators

•  Training in use & justification of UK Emergency Services exemption

•  Training for National Aviation Authorities in a variety of areas

•  Enhanced Permission justification & conditions training for Commercial Drone Operators

Contact us for references and to discuss tailoring a training package to your needs.