Who are Crowded Space Drones?


Crowded Space Drones specialise in filming beyond what can ordinarily be achieved.


We bring together an energetic team from the worlds of aviation, television, film and events to capture, edit and produce creative, inspirational onscreen content for an eclectic range of international clients.

Our goal is to produce unique and magical content, in a variety of formats, that enhances our customers and their reputations by compelling a wide global audience to engage with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your Camera Operators and Crew experienced?

We have one of the most experienced and capable teams in the industry. Our camera operators only come from working on house hold name television shows and feature films for major studios and broadcasters. Their creativity and skill impresses us every day.

Our post production team can do everything ever possible in editing from simple graphics and voice overs through to complicated airbrushing and CGI effects.

Then we have our pilots, they are pretty awesome in their own right. Some used to fly drones for Police forces, some are pilots of manned aircraft and some have flown drones since drones where bigger, heavier and a lot more expensive. Our pilots have over 2,000 hours combined of drone flights.

Do you need a licence to fly drones?

Yes, in most countries round the world you need a licence to fly a drone for commercial purposes. We hold all the relevant licences needing including ones for the UK, Ireland, Europe and USA.

Can you fly Drones over crowds?

Depending on the country we are flying in the answer is either yes or no. But have no fear as we have other options to achieve the exact same angle and shot where drones cannot overfly, such as our cable cameras. We do safely fly closer to crowds than any of our rivals thanks to our background and experience in managing and filming large crowds.

Is there anything you do not film?

Nope, we throw our creativity and flare into a wide range of projects for our clients. From Corporate Feature to Public Safety Film, Television Advert or Social Media content, we have produced it. We love challenges so if you have a really unusual or never been done before idea, we would love to realise it for you.

What are your Health and Safety procedures?

Whether we are using drones, cable cameras, hand held cameras or anything else we fully risk assess every activity we undertake. These risk assessments are sometimes generic, such as how to safely use something, and also are site specific for the locations we are working at. Each service and equipment we offer has a full Method Statement to accompany the Risk Assessment.

Are there locations you cannot fly Drones?

We have flown almost anywhere there is to fly a drone including airside at international airports, military installations, indoors, restricted airspace, near large crowds, the middle of the biggest cities in the world, stadiums and pretty much any odd location you can image. We are yet to find a location we could not fly.

Our Aircraft Fleet

In addition to our ground and moving camera solutions, we fly a variety of aircraft to capture the best possible quality of image from unique and inspiring angles. Our fleet includes;

DJI Phantom 3 Professional
DJI Phantom 4 Professional
DJI Mavic Professional
DJI Inspire 1 Pro / RAW
DJI Inspire 2 (X5S)
DJI M600 (DJI Ronin Gimbal for FS5/RED/Alexi etc)
DJI M210 (X5S,Z30,XT)